Registration is Quick and Simple with Event Management Controls

Event registration with 123Signup makes it oh-so-simple to provide attendees a painless process with the options best suited to your event. Our event management registration module gives you a fast, easy and affordable way to:

  • Create branded registration pages
  • Ensure attendees don't register for more than one session at the same time
  • Allow one person to register several attendees
  • Receive deposits towards full event fees
  • Book hotel stays (with Passkey integration)
  • Send immediate confirmations and receipts

Want to keep administration expenses low? Check out our event registration module and see how it saves you time and money.

Manage Event Activities with Ease

Hosting break-out sessions, a networking lunch, cocktail hour, or a conference with a variety of optional activities? No problem. 123Signup gives you granular controls, which you can use to:

  • Specify activity types and capacity controls
  • Place logical constraints on any group of activities or sessions
  • Manage a group of registrants through "table" sales
  • Enable registrants to manage contact information for their table guests
  • Allow registrants to select a single activity or participate in severalSell complementary items such as books and T-shirts

If your events vary in nature, you shouldn't have to commit more time and money to organizing them. Our event management module gives you the ability to set up and control event activities with just a few clicks.