Gather Member Information the Easy Way

With 123Signup, it's easy to gather comprehensive member information with a fully-functional, self-service membership management system. The feature-rich service allows you to:

  • Collect more than 200 attributes per member
  • Design powerful profile pages with text boxes, drop-down menus and check boxes
  • Add primary contacts for your corporate member
  • Secure and backup your member database

Flexibility and self-service by members allows associations to get comprehensive information about their members with minimal resources.

Deliver the Directories Members Want

You probably get a lot of requests to provide member contact information. Now it'll be easy to comply. To help facilitate member networking, 123Signup allows you to:

  • Create a password-protected directory of members
  • Create a public directory
  • Customize search options
  • Include company logos in profiles
  • Allow companies to opt-out of the directory

It's smart to offer corporate directories to maximize exposure and facilitate networking among members. And with 123Signup, it's easy to do so.