Increase Productivity, Save on Administrative Costs

Promoting your association and increasing membership satisfaction are critical to your success. 123Signup provides you with advanced membership management options that will save you administrative costs and improve productivity.

  • Allow purchase of subscriptions with enrollment and renewals. Use subscriptions to charge fees for journals or enable access to exclusive content on your website
  • Establish Special Interest Groups (SIGs), allowing members to opt-in or out at any time they wish
  • Create subgroups or committees to enable communications with subsets of your membership
  • Use the membership authentication service to control access to member-only areas on your website
  • Synchronize member profiles stored and maintained in 123Signup with an external member database

123Signup gives you an economical and scalable solution that supports your membership management requirements and suits your administrative budget.

Online Enrollment and Automated Renewals

Membership maintenance can be tedious and time-consuming — but with 123Signup's membership management service, the whole process is seamless and automated.

  • Enable easy enrollment and renewal through links posted on your website
  • Provide the option for membership enrollment and renewal during event registration
  • Support discounts for new enrollment or renewal campaigns
  • Provide your members with the online ability to either join immediately or submit an
    application for your review
  • Automate renewals and fee collection *
  • Automate renewal email campaigns

* Professional service fees apply

By automating the renewal process and upselling enrollment and renewals during event registration, you will increase membership and increase your revenues.